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A lover of 80s power ballads, Vanessa had the idea of fusing her two great loves - opera and 80s music into powerful Popera. Orchestrated, and often translated into Italian - these arrangements take the songs we love and re-imagine them with the heightened intensity of opera. Working with arrangers Angus Grant and Lachlan McKenzie, Vanessa can perform the below tracks accompanied by backing track.

Il potere dell'amor
(The Power of Love)

'The Power of Love' was originally co-written by, and sung by operatically-trained Jennifer Rush. Later covered by icons Air Supply, Laura Branigan and Celine Dion, this is a sure fire track to get you belting into your hair brush.

Arrangement: A.Grant

Translation: Dr. D.Kram


With Country & Western now in vogue, who doesn't like a bit of Dolly?  This song needs no introduction - ya gotta love Dolly!

Arrangement: A.Grant

Spero di mai
(I hope I never)

A Split Enz classic, Spero di mai (I hope I never) has all the angst and yearning of the 80s wrapped up in one song.

Arrangement: A. Grant

Translation: Dr. D. Kram


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